What is SutiSurvey?

SutiSurvey is a web-based solution that allows you to create, distribute and manage online surveys to gather feedback from your customers or prospects anywhere across the globe.

Who owns SutiSurvey?

SutiSurvey is owned by SutiSoft Inc. SutiSoft is an IT solutions company dedicated to strategic synchronization of tailored business solutions with best-in-class security to meet customers critical business needs.

Who can use SutiSurvey?

SutiSurvey can be used by anyone who wishes to collect some information from the recipients like HR Executives, Sales Executives, Market Research associates, etc.

Why should I use SutiSurvey?

SutiSurvey includes some unique features such as: easy to use, up to 30 different question types, option to launch survey as a widget, define response limit, etc that makes it the best tool for online survey creation.

Can I try SutiSurvey before buying it?

Yes. A 30 day free trial of SutiSurvey is available for use. Click here to try now. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan at the end of 30 days to continue using.

Do I need to install anything to use SutiSurvey?

No. You need not have to install anything to use SutiSurvey. It is a SaaS solution which is hosted in a secure hosting environment.

Do I need special hardware/software to use SutiSurvey?

You just need a current web browser such as IE 7.0 or higher, Firefox 3.0 or higher for desktop access and that is all.

When can I start using SutiSurvey?

You need to activate your account to start using SutiSurvey. To activate your account, click on the activation link provided in your notification email.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, click on the Forgot Password link on the SutiSurvey login page. Enter your email. A new password will be sent to the email you provide.

You can use this password to login to SutiSurvey and can change it later on.

When will my account be activated?

You can activate your account by clicking on the activation link provided in the confirmation mail.

What are the different sources from which I can create a survey?

You can create a survey by starting yourself from self from scratch, using built-in templates and uploading from Word & XML.

How many recipient groups can I create?

You can create any no. of recipient groups in SutiSurvey.

How many recipients can I add for a survey?

You can add any no. of recipients to a survey.

How many questions can I include in a survey?

You can include any no. of questions in a survey.

How many customized themes can I store in my account?

You store up to 10 themes you customized in your account for future use.

How secure is my data?

User data is secured with an account password. Only account holders with a valid password can login to SutiSurvey.

How secure are emails addresses I enter in SutiSurvey?

SutiSoft values your privacy. We do not sell or distribute email addresses to third parties.

Can I define the no. of responses I wish to receive for a survey?

Yes. You can define the no. of responses you wish to receive for a survey by setting a response limit.

What customization options do I have for a survey?

You can customize a survey by applying fully customizable built-in themes, adding a background image, choosing a color and changing the font type & its size.

Can I delete a Survey?

You can delete a survey until it is draft state. You cannot delete it after launching.

How can I add a page in a survey?

You can add a page in a survey using the Insert and Copy page options.

Can I make questions in a survey mandatory?

Yes. You can make questions in a survey mandatory at the time of creating or updating.

Can I define what questions in a survey will be displayed to an user depending on the response entered for a question?

Yes. You can define what questions will be visible to an user depending on the response options selected so far by applying skip logic to questions and pages.

Can I change the order of questions in my survey?

You can change the order of questions in a survey by re-ordering the questions and pages included.

Can I see how my survey will appear to its recipients?

Yes. You can preview how the survey will appear to recipients anytime after creating it.

In how many ways can I launch a survey?

You can launch a survey as an email invitation or as a widget to post on your website.

Can a recipient take the same survey any no. of times?

Yes. Recipients can respond for a survey any no. of times until it open (for response). To enable this feature, survey creator has to select the re-enter survey response option at the time of launching.

Are any reminders sent to survey recipients reminding to take the survey?

You can choose to send a reminder mail to recipients by selecting the option provided at the time of launching a survey.

What kind of reports does SutiSurvey provide?

SutiSurvey provides trend reports for you to view the trend of responses entered by recipients from the launch till its closing date.

What kind of reports can I generate?

You can generate reports on status of a survey, responded date, email address of the recipient and questions & answer option included in a responded survey.

How can I take reports I generated with me?

You can export the reports generated in .XLS, .PDF, .CSV and .TSV formats. You can also email the report as an attachment.

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